Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ryan's Football Story

A really funny thing happened at Ryan's flag football yesterday. After the game was over the coach from the other team came across the field to talk to me about Ryan. I didn’t know it but he is an assistant coach for Bingham High School. He asked if Ryan was playing tackle football in the fall. I told him that I was thinking about it but wasn't sure. He then began to talk to me about a "Super Football League". I guess this league takes the best players and helps prepare them for high school and college football. This coach finds his players by watching kids while coaching flag football games. He told me that the head coach of this tackle team is somehow affiliated with the arena football league and all of the assistant coaches are assistant coaches for Bingham High School. I have two questions. Do they really recruit 8 year old kids and if so can I get him a signing bonus?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ok I know this is a long post but I must tell this story. About 3 weeks ago I attended my son Ryans’ parent teacher conference for the 2nd time. At these conferences the PTA has a book fair. At the book fair there is always a game where students have to guess how many items, (candy, crackers, etc) are in a jar. The student that guesses the closest wins the items in the jar. The first parent teacher conference there was crackers in the jar. Ryan asked me how many. I just through out a number, I don’t remember what the number was. Ryan then went off track. When he returned he found out that he had won the jar of crackers. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. Went to 2nd parent teacher conference. The prize was a bottle of Starbursts. Ryan asked me to pick a number. I through out a number and he wrote it down. Fast forward to today. Ryan came home with 243 Starburst today. What Dumb Luck.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ryan's Birthday

Wow! What a birthday Ryan had this year. Since his birthday fell on Martin Luther King Day there was no school and mom and dad both got to be home with him. He had a marathon birthday this week, not kidding! It started on Friday before his birthday with treats and a birthday celebration at school. Saturday he played in his basketball game and then Mike got tickets to the University of Utah Basketball game. We let Ryan invite a friend and Mike took them to the game. Not only did they get to see the basketball game, but they got to go to an autograph session with the Football team who just won the Sugar Bowl. Ryan got his jersey signed by Coach Whittingham. Sunday, Ryan was spotlighted on the Baptism poster at church which was fun for him. Monday was his actual birthday. He had been asking to go eat at "The Mayan", a mexican restaurant (don't recommend this restaurant for good food), but the main reason he wanted to go there was because they have divers that put on diving shows why you are eating. They climb on a rock wall and put on a themed diving show kind of like they are in the jungle. The food wasn't very good, even Ryan commented that his chicken taco didn't taste very good. But the boys had fun watching the diving and going down close where they could get splashed. We forgot to take our camera, bummer! Tuesday was Ryan's first pack meeting for cub scouts, he was so excited. He had been stressing about not having a scout uniform yet. So we hurried out and got his uniform ready to go. Has anyone bought a cub scout uniform lately? Wow, I couldn't believe I spent $60 just on the basic uniform.
Wednesday and Thursday must have been a let down after all of the birthday events, but I kept busy getting ready for Ryan's birthday party and baptism. Friday was short day at school. So in the afternoon we had Ryan's birthday party. Imagine 17-7 and 8 year olds, running around my small house. It was an adventure. I was thankful I had opted for a 1 1/2 hour party instead of 2 hours. Enjoy some pictures from the party. I'll post specifically about his baptism in a separate post.

Ryan has always loved pinatas. We had to carefully decide the order of hitting the pinata in order to allow everyone to have a turn.

Here Ryan is telling everyone how this present opening is going to go down.
Sitting around enjoying some cake and ice cream.
Our local dollar store went out of business. Tanner and I went shopping to see if we could find anything that would be good for Ryan's party. Since everything was 50% off of a $1.00 I let Tanner pick something for him. Of all the things he could pick, he choose a bag of party those party favors that you blow and the paper goes in and out. He and Ryan kept themselves entertained.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Visiting Uncle Jared

We went down and visited Uncle Jared and Aunt Melanie in Nephi on Friday. We had a great time. There was lots of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars on the Wii. Too bad I forgot we had our camera. But here is Jacob and Tanner enjoying a ride before we left. Thanks Jared and Melanie, we had a great time! We wish we had the chance to see you guys more often.


Tanner's Crash

Tanner loves to sled too. We didn't get the camera out until we had been there awhile. Unfortunately, Tanner crashed on his first run down after we got the camera. Here he is, all you can see if the bottom of his sled with his feet straight up in the air. He had a great time, until he landed on his head :)

Sledding Fun!

We took the boys sledding the day after Christmas. There was tons of snow and the boys had lots of fun. For Ryan sledding is all about how high and far you can "jump." There was a guy on the hill building several ramps for the sledders to jump off of. At one point they had a contest to see how many kids they could each jump over. Here's a few pictures of Ryan.